10 Reasons Why People in Business are Successful

2009/03/01 at 4:09 pm (Article)

1. They are willing to learn. The greatest learners become the best teachers. Never ending improvement, as the Kaizen principle insists, should be an individual’s primary goal in life. The only failure in life is the failure to participate. There are no right or wrong ways of doing things, each providing a result that can be assessed and worked on from the learning that the outcome provides. This perfectly fits in with the following success factor. 2. They take action. I have never seen anyone being successful by doing nothing. By default, doing something has to be a move forward. Doing a lot means that the law of averages will ensure that success falls your way. 95% of the population “can’t be bothered”. To jump into the 5% of the population who are successful isn’t hard. It’s just a genuine decision to do something and persevere. Successful people work on improving their time management by learning how time works and what it means to you. 3. They mix with the right people. You can mix with the right people and you can mix with wrong people. The choice is yours. You either fall into those groups or you seek them. Because successful people don’t gloat because of the Australian tall poppy syndrome, you need to do your homework and ask people about their success. They are more than willing to tell you because if they initiated the conversation, that might have been construed as gloating. Look for a business coach and/or a mentor. Surround yourself with the best accountants and lawyers. 4. They are great networkers. Successful people go out of their way and meet as many people as they can because they know that the more people they know, the more opportunities come their way. Staying in your business or at home most of the time produces little results. 5. They have a dream. These people are the greatest dreamers. They have strong beliefs that one day they will achieve what seems impossible to most. The law of attraction means that you shall receive what you crave for if the craving feeds itself with all the other attributes of success. 6. They don’t allow dream takers interfere with their dreams. The most dangerous people in your life can also be the people you hold most dear to yourself. These can be some family members, friends, neighbours and business colleagues. Respect the opinions of those who are successful in their own right. Otherwise, you will receive pretty much the same as what those dream takers are experiencing. Most of all, respect your own intuition. Most of the time it’s the right decision for you anyway. Remember, why engage in other people’s situations when yours is different. You have different expectations, experiences, financial and personal needs. Why live it through other people’s lives? It’s one thing to have a dream, but to stick to it is the most important part of achieving the dream. It is said that the journey is far more exciting than the final achievement, so, choose to have an exciting life. 7. They have integrity. Have you seen people having a go and temporarily have a hiccup? Well, you can lose everything and rebound twice as fast if you maintain your integrity. Once you lose your integrity, it’s over. Practice the integrity that you wish other people to treat you with. Set an example rather than stoop to the behaviour and reactions that you are not impressed with. 8. They are great communicators. The best tool to master is to have great communication skills. Honest, straight forward communication totally outweighs fancy use of the language which also can have another name for it. Study personality profiles and the way people process information and the results of improved communication will reap you many rewards over and over with a win/win outcome in most cases. 9. They are willing to share their knowledge. The best way to remember the best parts of your success are to verbalise them or write them down. Share it with those who ask. 10. They have a balanced life. Working too hard in any one area creates imbalance. Work out what you like the most and bring them into your life as you go. There are many tools available to assess the “perfect you”.

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Can You Follow These 5 Steps to Start a Home Business?

2009/03/01 at 3:29 pm (Article)

Starting a business from home is easy nowadays. You can do it, too. But most people don’t know how to start their business. That is why in this article I will discuss 5 easy steps to take to start a profitable business from home now.

1- Find Your Home Business Niche

This first step is very important. If you don’t pick up right idea (niche) for your business, then it can make problems for you on the next steps of you business. Think about a minute: What can you offer to people? Think about your talents, skills and knowledge as a core to start your home based business. Find out the trends in the market, read magazines, learn what people buy, where they spend there money. Also choose a niche which can be interesting for you, so you could have fun while running a business. After choosing an idea and researching the market it is time to plan and build your business.

2- Plan Your Business

Planning will depend on your business goals. How much money do you want to make with your home based business? What is your monthly income goal? How much money are you ready to invest to reach your goals?

Now it is time to make planning. You should make daily, weekly and monthly plans. Your business plan can include: making your own product, program or service, the money you are ready to invest into the business, marketing and so on.

Planning will help you to stay organized. It becomes easy to build a business after having a good plan.

3- Build Your Home Business

Now you must create something to offer to people. Think about which products or services you will offer to your prospects, how you will solve shipping and payment issues and other technical things, start building your site about your business and so on.

You created your product, program and service. It is time to market it to your eager prospects.

4- Use Marketing Techniques To Reach Your Goals

Marketing is the most important part of your business. You can own the most beautiful products, services or programs in the world, but if nobody knows about your offers you will NOT make any money from them.

Use both free and paid marketing methods (depending on you business goals) to tell the world about your products. Do it persistently and believe me you will see the results soon.

5- Use The Internet To Run Your Business

Using Internet is the essential part of any businesses today. With internet marketing you can reach millions of potential customers from your comfort home. If you run your home based business on the Internet, it will become easy to succeed with your business and enjoy it at the same time.
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10 Things To Do When You Need New Ideas Fast!

2009/03/01 at 3:12 pm (Article)

1. Breathe and get into state! You are a genius. You have a human brain that is more powerful than any known computer. Stand up, walk around and get into the mindset and physiology of someone who is confident, creative, and quick-witted. Notice how a confident person breathes, how they occupy their body and space, how they move with flair. You are a genius, so move, breathe and act like one! It’s easy for someone like you to generate ideas – you are an Ideas Person!

2. Draw a mind-map! Grab some coloured pens and paper. Draw a circle in the middle and write your challenge inside it. Let your brain start making connections. Draw branches out from the central idea. Using coloured pens note your subsequent thoughts. Use little drawings where you can. This is an idea map you are creating. Let it flow from one thing to the next.

3. Get some ingredients! To cook a tasty dish, you need to mix different ingredients together. It’s been said that all creativity is the act of putting old things or old ideas together in a new way. For ideas within a specific field, look at the old ideas within that field or related fields. Ask how you can put them together in a different way, a new format or perhaps the opposite way. If you are just looking generally for ideas, then you can reach out and let anything be the thing that starts off your creative idea storming process. Just look to combine the old in new ways…

 4. Grab a friend! When you combine minds, the ‘computing’ power grows exponentially and is more powerful than the sum of its parts. The truth is that you only need 1 brain to get creative – yours! However, it’s a lot more fun when you utilise the spare brainpower of friends and workmates. The extra stimulation of their thoughts and ideas could be just what you need to trigger The Ultimate Idea that changes your life forever…

5. Don’t be yourself! Take on a role. Do your thinking as James Bond, Napoleon Bonaparte, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein or Dolly Parton! You are an immensely creative being. By acting as someone else, you free yourself to access other parts of your mind. Try it – if nothing else it’s fun!

6. Close your eyes! Shutting your eyes immediately transports you into the world of the subconscious – and you can tap into its extraordinary non-stop thinking power. Associate closing your eyes with elevator doors closing – as soon as you close your eyes, you start going down into the depths of your subconscious and unconscious mind. Here you can access million dollar ideas with absolute ease. Allow yourself to relax, make the journey down and think about your challenge at a deep inner level. Return when you are ready, feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to fire up your ideas.

7. A little Divine Inspiration! Here’s an energy exercise much favoured by the hottest Hollywood stars. Imagine that there is a golden circle of light right in front of you – this is your spotlight – your place to shine! Step inside that circle of light and feel the energy and confidence that it gives you. Ask your Higher Self, God or the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe to fill you with energy, inspiration and ideas. Imagine a little door or vortex opening at the crown of your head – your crown chakra – and then a beam of bright white light shining down from the universe and into the top of your head. This is an incredibly powerful beam of positive energy and information that should rock you to your shoes! Soak in the good feelings of being saturated by this loving positive helpful energy … Close the crown chakra and step out of your golden circle when you are ready and get on with your tasks.

8. Rob a bank! Grab sackfuls of quality ideas from an ideas bank and run with them! There are various idea banks on the Internet, as well as thousands of blogs, message boards and chatrooms where ideas are mooted. You can also get books full of ideas. Let’s say you are looking for an idea for a new business. You could go to Amazon, order a copy of something like the “Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Start-Up Directory: 1,350 Great Business Ideas!” and you could plunder that bank of ideas directly or indirectly by letting it stimulate you or by recombining its ideas into more formats.

 9. Milk your brain! Milk will only flow from a cow when its teats are squeezed under pressure. It’s the same with your brain! To milk your brain for a bucketful of crème-de-la-crème ideas, you have to squeeze your brain and put it under pressure. The way you do that is to create a target, a deadline, a reward and a forfeit. Let’s say you set the target as 10 workable ideas, to be set down within 20 minutes. If you succeed, the reward is you spend $20 on yourself; if you fail, you give the $20 to someone who doesn’t deserve it and that you don’t like. Everybody is different, so set up a rewards and forfeit scheme that motivates you.

10. The Inquisitive Inquisition! The brain is a stimulus and response bio-machine. The best way to stimulate it is to ask questions. Questions awaken your creative responses. Remember, the meaning of your communication is in the response you get. So, if you are getting lousy answers, you need to ask better questions. Interview and interrogate your brain to get the flow of ideas you want. Be the master of your mind. Practice the martial art of Cando and you’ll find you can do anything!

By wilywalnut.com

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Online Website Building Tips-Three Crucial Website Building Tips

2009/03/01 at 1:06 pm (Article)

To make it online you need more than “just a pretty site.”  The following article will show you the three fundamental points to follow for building a profitable internet business online.

Forget the bells and whistles – Surveys, market research and just plain old experience has proven over and over again that people like clean, simple, easy to navigate websites.  If your visitor has to wait for a flash image to load or can’t find what they’re looking for fast, then you’re going to lose them.  

The key here is to keep it simple.  No music, not too many colors (black text on a white background with the occasional graphic will do).  Remember no flashing, and always apply a super easy navigation structure.  

The navigation structure is simply the way your pages are laid out and how they link to each other.  Most websites are not achieving the traffic they need because they haven’t spent time thinking through their navigation structure.  

A proper navigation structure isn’t guess work.  There is an exact system which has been tested and proven to work.  The website building platform I use and recommend, shows you exactly how to set up your pages and even helps and guides you along so that you get it just right (link at the end of article). 

Content is king – People surf the net to look for answers to their problems first and foremost.  Well researched and written content provides those answers.  If you design a website around this basis then you won’t be short of visitors – not only will the search engines reward you handsomely with more traffic but you’ll also have more and more visitors that remember your website and come back to it over and over again.  Then they start recommending you to their friends and family.   

You really can’t substitute anything else for good content. Without good content you won’t have traffic, which means, you’re not in business.  As you learn more about internet marketing you’ll learn there are ways to get traffic to your website by paying for it.  You can do this through pay per click campaigns or advertising on other websites.  But the thing to keep in mind here is that you really don’t need to do that (especially at the start).  

By taking a little extra time at the beginning to build a valuable asset you will have an income for years to come… 

A few months ago we moved to a new county and as you can imagine settling three children into schools, my husband starting his new job and finding a new home takes time – it meant I had to take a considerable amount of time off work.  During that time my income did not suffer in the slightest – in fact, my traffic count went up and I made more money.   

I was also recently speaking to another mom who has an internet business as well.  She told me, some months back her son was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Rather than having to go to work everyday, this mom was able to stay by her son’s side day and night.  Her husband was even able to take a few weeks off his job to be take care of the other children. 

Now imagine being in that extremely awful situation with money worries as well.  Luckily for my friend, she had no money worries because her websites ticked over beautifully.  Her son is now making a full recovery, thank goodness.  

True financial freedom comes when you don’t have to worry about money.  When if, worse came to worse, you can survive financially and have “one less” worry on your mind.  

There is one sure way to get to this level with your online business… 

quality content… 

Good quality content rules the day in internet business.  Without it, you are merely one of the many other websites polluting the net.  I saw a statistic the other day about the number of abandoned websites and blogs simply set up on a whim and left to die a slow painful death on the internet.  This is not where you want to be.  

Take the time to do things right from the start and you’ll be rewarded handsomely in the future.  To build a real, profitable business you’ll need to lay the groundwork first and then move up from there – do this right and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

Learn “Net” Talk – You may have noticed that this article is written in a very casual style.  There’s a reason for this, writing on the net is different to other types of writing.  To communicate effectively on the internet and to build connections with your visitors, you’ll need to use a friendly, informative tone.   

Of course, there are a few exceptions and only you can be the judge of that.  Some topic matters require you to speak in more “technical” style, but that’s the exception.  As long as you provide value, are respectful and present your information in a clear way you’ll be fine.  

It’s also important that your style and tone be unique to you.  Don’t try to do something outrageous just for the sake of being outrageous and certainly don’t try to duplicate others.  Be yourself and write in a friendly, respectful tone and you’ll be just fine.

Finally, it’s worth noting that good spelling and grammar are important as is taking the time to make sure your pages are readable and reflect positively on your business.  But the odd spelling or grammar mistake here and there isn’t going to raise many eyebrows – as long as you are providing superb content.  Also, it’s worth using your spell checker to avoid those niggling type o’s. 

Here’s a simple way to write directly to your customers: 

Picture your ideal customer/visitor and imagine they are sitting across from you at your kitchen table.  Now imagine you’re having a cup of coffee and chatting away happily.  Picture that person and write in a friendly, light hearted tone as you share your thoughts and information.  

And please don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a “writer” – you don’t need to be in this business.  We are not writing award winning novels here.  We are in the business of sharing information and you can simply do that by writing how you speak.

By Mila Sidman,internetbasedmoms.com

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6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website

2009/03/01 at 12:19 pm (Article)

Many people who are just starting an internet marketing business have very basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Too many beginners want their websites to achieve ranking in the search engines without realizing that some of problems of doing so lay within their own site. This article presents 6 SEO mistakes to avoid on your website.

1. Frames – Many web pages are formatted using frames, especially if a novice page builder built them. The problem is that search engines have a hard time tracking content inside the frames. The search engines cannot distinguish which frame contains the main content, so they could be tracking something not conducive to SEO for your website.

2. Flash – A lot of websites use Flash to make their sites stand out. This may be visually appealing, but in terms of SEO, Flash is like having a frame with no picture. Search engines cannot read Flash files, so you should avoid using Flash unless you are certain that your website can generate massive traffic by word of mouth.

3. Keyword Stuffing – Using too many keywords on your website can have a negative effect on your page ranking. If search engines find too many keywords, they will assume that your page is being spammed or that your page is bot created. Search engines like to know that there was a human touch creating the content on your site, even if it is just entering keywords.

4. Keyword Hiding – This goes along with the previous mistake. Attempting to make keywords that are colored the same as your background, and effectively “hiding” them, will cause the search engines to downgrade your page ranking. This again has to do with the search engines seeing too many keywords as spam. Search engines are sensitive, and do not like to be tricked in any way.

5. Text Inside Images – Sometimes marketers post images with a caption that is already embedded into the image. It is better, however, to post the image by itself and have the caption be written in HTML. The reason is that search engines use something called “spiders” to extract information from your web page. These spiders, however, will assume that any text that is embedded into an image is simply part of the image and simply ignore the text altogether. If the caption is written as separate HTML, the spiders will read that caption and include it for SEO purposes.

6. Javascript Links – If you use links on your side, you need to make sure to use simple HTML links instead of Javascript controlled links. The spiders will include those links when they are extracting information for ranking.

When an internet marketer is just starting out, search engine optimization can be a daunting challenge. By taking these mistakes into account, however, an internet marketer can be confident that he or she is getting a good start. As these mistakes are avoided and other techniques are implemented, a quick page ranking is sure to follow.

By: Dean Lee,isnare.com

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3 Free Website Marketing Ideas – Easy And Quick

2009/03/01 at 12:17 pm (Article)

Online marketing is not cheap. You can spend thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) and thousands of site-targetted dollars (AdBrite), and you can spend thousands just buying text links from individual sites. Trust me, I’ve spent thousands on advertising.

However, my favorite form of marketing is the free kind. Anything free I like, especially if it helps my websites make more money without increasing my advertising costs.

Here are three easy and quick ways to market your website at no additional cost.

1. Free Business Cards

Free business cards are a staple in my advertising arsenal. You can leave them everywhere and give them to anyone. The best part is, they are free! Use them where you want, when you want, and as often as possible. That is the motto I live by whenever I get a shipment of free business cards in the mail.

2. Link Exchanges

Link exchanges are a great way of spreading Page Rank, but also of sharing visitors. Most people who like a site will bookmark it. After they have read everything they want, they will read the site that you link to. You get the visitors, and share the visitor through a link exchange.

3. Business card networking

After you have received your free business cards, use them to network with other people. Everytime you meet someone, hand them one of your free business cards. After that, ask for one of their business cards in exchange. If they don’t have one, make sure you mention what you do, and the website address that is also listed on your free business card. Free business cards make a great networking tool if you will put them to use. Never forget, they are free, and should not be used sparingly. Use them in any situation you can think of. People will take them home and visit your site when they pull your business card out of their pocket.

With those three free website marketing ideas, your website will not only be more successful, but you won’t have to spend any of your hard earned money on marketing!

By  Brandon Hopkins,isnare.com

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