Email Profits – How to Make Money With Your List

2009/03/03 at 9:34 pm (Article)

It is not difficult to build a list. It’s really simple. You simply add a signup form on a page that is shown to your prospects when they come to your site. To entice people to sign in, you should offer some type of free report, newsletter, or something else of value. With a good sign in page and offer, you can expect that 25% to 35% of your visitors will become subscribers. But what do you do with that list once it begins to grow? I hear from people on a regular basis who say that they have a list but they are not making any real money from it. How is that posible when we’ve all heard that the way to make money online is with a list? There are very good reasons why these marketers aren’t making money with their list. In most cases it is because of what they are (or aren’t) sending their subscribers. First of all, you have to send subscribers SOMETHING two or three times each week. It is important to do this to remind them that you are still around. But what you send them is just as important as when you send it. People want to receive items and information that has some real value. If you send them nothing but junk and blatant sales pitches, they will quickly catch on and either stop opening your messages or unsubscribe from your list. Either way, you lose. Another mistake that list builders make is sending emails out too frequently. Let’s be honest, most people do not want to hear from you every day unless you are giving away tons of free cash. (And if you ARE giving away cash, please add me to your list right away!) It is a much better strategy to send subscribers something three to four times each week. Using that schedule, one email should contain a product promotion and the other messages should be some sort of valuable information or gift. If you stick to that schedule, your subscribers will gladly remain on your list, buy the products that you promote, and make you money.



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Special Ideas For Your Greeting Cards

2009/03/03 at 9:47 am (Article)

Whether you are creating custom greeting cards for family and friends, or designing commercial ones for sale, it is always important to make each greeting card design special. I know it sounds cliché but it is true. Nobody wants a boring greeting card. When you print greeting cards, it needs to be eye catching, interesting and if possible unique and memorable. Anything less than this and you might just be throwing away your investment in emotion and in money. To prevent this, we have collected a few of the best ideas you can use when you print greeting cards. These special ideas are the “hallmark” of unique and memorable custom greeting cards that are worth giving to your loved ones, and even selling to potential customers as well.

That personal touch
The most unique and memorable idea in creating a custom greeting card design is to add in that personal touch. This entails actually including a personal message or even a custom image in your custom greeting cards. For example, you can have your own picture integrated in the greeting card design cover. This gives the impression of the attention to detail and customization for the greeting card. It won’t appear as that boring off the shelf card. It becomes a real and personal greeting card with the same impact as a heartfelt letter.

Another great idea is to have an interactive greeting card design. This involves making greeting cards that have some sort of moving component that the receiver can manipulate. For example, you can have a “pop up” custom greeting card design that you can give to children (or fun minded adults). With an appropriate and interesting pop up design, people can have fun with your greeting card making it especially memorable and even collectible.

Musical greeting cards
Music of course has a great effect on people. So why not add it into your greeting card? Musical greeting cards are a nice way of adding the soothing and memorable effects of music to your greeting. If you are good enough, you can even choose a song or melody that has personal meaning to the person you are giving the greeting card to. This maximizes the impact of the music making the greeting card all the more memorable.

Scented greeting cards
Our sense of smell of course is connected to memory. Scented greeting cards are a good way to engage the memories and imagination of your intended receivers. A fresh pine scent can transport people to a nice solemn forest, while a nice flower fragrance can leave them in a sunny glade. The effect of scents burns the memory of your greeting card in your receiver’s senses leaving them with pleasant feelings when they encounter the smell again.

Different shapes
Lastly, a simple but great idea is to just change the shape of your greeting card to something unique. When people think about greeting cards they see the standard size as the only type of greeting card. The best custom greeting cards change their shape so that they look more interesting and have a better impact for their receiver. For example, a “techy” person might appreciate a gadget shaped greeting card, while a basketball star might enjoy a basketball shaped card. People will connect with the design and maybe even have a fun time with it as well.

So those are the common properties of greeting cards that are extra special. If you are creating custom greeting cards or printing commercial color greeting cards, it is a good idea to integrate these design elements into them. You can even mix and match these designs to your liking. Using these concepts will let you create memorable greeting cards that will surely be cherished and loved.


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Making Greeting Cards is Easy. Start Cardmaking Today!

2009/03/03 at 9:45 am (Article)

Making greeting cards is a wonderful hobby to enjoy with your family and friends. In fact, card making is becoming more and more popular and it’s now a novelty to send handmade greeting cards.

Have you ever look at a handmade card and thought to yourself, “So beautiful! I wish I know how to make my own greeting cards.” Well, now you can! Imagine people receiving your homemade greetings with your name on the back!

Making greeting cards is easy. Many people are making cards and so can you. Make you own greeting cards and sign them by rubber stamping “Handcrafted by (YOUR NAME)” on the back of every of your handmade cards. Cool!

Taking up card making as a hobby is not expensive since you should have most of the supplies for making greeting cards in your home. For a basic homemade card, all you need is paper, cutter, glue and some color pencils.

But though inexpensive, making greeting cards has many benefits.

Creating beautiful homemade cards is such a rewarding way of spending time with family and friends. The joy of gathering cardmaking ideas, paper, embellishments, and other card making supplies to make the cards and the joy that the handmade greeting cards give to the recipients are just feelings that cannot be purchased. Receiving a handmade greeting card is so special, isn’t it?

So start making greeting cards in the comfort of your home by following the instructions on this card making website.


Specially For You Who Feel That You Are Not So Crafty

To you who just are not the paper, scissors and glue kind, don’t despair. Making greeting cards as a hobby is still a possibility. Yes, you can also make and send yur own homemade greeting cards to your friends. You could design your own greeting cards using a graphic software, or take a photo with your digital camera and upload it to your computer. Add an appropriate poem or quote and print it. Voila! A Personalised one-of-a-kind greeting card.

So whether you are a die-hard crafter or the digital designer, making greeting cards is a great way to relax, be creative and connect with others.

Interesting Celebrations and Events for January – March 2009

  • Jan 26th (Monday) – Chinese New Year
  • Feb 14th (Sunday) – Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 24th (Tuesday) – Mardi Gras
  • Mar 17th (Tuesday – St. Patrick’s Day

Make some cards with designs that are relevant to the events above and send them out to surprise your friends.


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How to Sell Greeting Card Ideas

2009/03/03 at 9:41 am (Article)

Do you have a way with words or design? You might be able to make money selling greeting card ideas. Breaking into the greeting card market is relatively easy compared with other writing and design genres because competition is much lower. All you need to get started is a strong idea and the know-how to submit it.

1 Develop a list of greeting card companies by browsing markets (Writer’s Market has one of the most extensive lists) and greeting cards in local stores. Visit a mix of book stores, supermarkets, gift shops and specialty stationery stores to find the widest variety. 2 Read each company’s guidelines and select the publisher most likely to be interested in your idea. Guidelines are often available through Writer’s Market or on each company’s website. They can also be obtained directly from the company by request. 3 Find the correct submission address. Find out whether the company prefers email or snail mail (this is usually indicated in the guidelines) and begin a submission letter accordingly. 4 Formally address the letter to the correct editor or department. Clearly identify your idea. If pitching artwork, include a copy of the original work or a sketch that will help editors visualize your concept. Even if you’re just pitching verse, editors often appreciate a conceptual sketch. 5 Include relevant experience and samples, if available. Sign off with your name and contact information. Step6If mailing a hard copy, include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) with your submission.


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