How To Start A Great Internet Home Business

2009/03/08 at 8:25 am (Article)

Many people realize the potential for starting a Internet home business using a web site but few people know how to go about it and most people who make an attempt do it incorrectly. Using a web designer and marketing expert is extremely expensive and not needed. If someone has a little time to devote they can be one of the top three percent of successful web site businesses on the net.

Web design skills are no longer needed to start a business using a web site.
Great web designers still have their place in E-commerce but for the average
small business a beautiful and flashy site is not needed and counter
productive. Most web site hosting companies provide templates and push button tools which can have a neat and professional unique looking site designed in a couple hours. This is the first step to starting an Internet home business online.

Picking out a domain name is also important. Most beginner marketers try to be to flashy and think creating some funky name will bring business. Let’s be clear, it will not in anyway help unless one has a lot of expendable income to devote towards a brand name marketing campaign. For the average person trying to get a small online business up and running the domain name is of little importance. What is important is to make sure and get the site theme and keywords into the name.

Search engines give a little extra weight to the keyword in the domain name and it will get the site off and running. By using the broadest but most profitable keyword in the domain name declares the theme of the site for the search engines. If a person is creating a site on the theme of “hotels” and the best keyword to use for the homepage is “inexpensive hotels”, then try to give the domain name for the site something like timsinexpensivehotelsguide. This will give a clear theme to the site and make the Internet home business destined to succeed.

When coming up with a Internet home business idea make sure to keep the focus on theme and make sure that it is a theme which one understands and can write about. Try to make sure that there is enthusiasm for the site and it is something the business person enjoys working on. Try to narrow the site ideas down into a well thought out outline which many topics and pages can be created. Start with a broader idea for the overall site idea and then break it down into sections which the site will cover.

A broad site idea may be “A Miami Travel Guide” and the sections of the site
may be where to stay in Miami, timeshares, condos and so forth. Then another section can be “where to eat in Miami” and content can be focused on restaurants, diners and bars.

The way to draw profits for an Internet home business can be taken advantage of in a number of different ways once the site theme and layout has been constructed properly.  Income producing ways to sell “Miami” related products, books and services can be placed on the pages. Looking for local restaurants, hotels and businesses to advertise on the site should be taken into consideration as well.

The limitless possibilities for such web sites make an Internet home business a low risk high reward endeavor. Sticking to the basic rules of designing a well thought out site which can draw from multiple revenue streams will set any new business venture up to win. Making sure that the sites topics and content will be built around a subject the person is well educated in and also which provides fun and excitement are a recipe for success online.

By Al Terry,

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