What is Email Processing? Scam?

2009/03/10 at 9:53 am (Article)

Email processing appeals to people who are looking for typing work and want to make money working from home with their computer.


The email processing scams comes in several variations. They are similar to envelope stuffing scams because you get paid when placing ads and selling the same scam to others.

The promises:

* After paying an administrative fee, you’ll receive a training kit and you can become an email processor processing emails from home.

* You will get paid $5 to $50 for each email you process.

* You can process as many emails as you want and work when you want to.

* You get paid immediately after each email you process.

The warning signs:

* You have to pay a fee to get work. Some companies may need help with sending out emails but they won’t charge money for training materials.

* They promise that they will pay $5.00 – $50.00 for each email you process. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of money to cut and paste responses in emails?

Companies who need help with responding to emails may look for a secretarial service or a virtual assistant but they won’t pay that kind of money per email you send out.

What you will get or what won’t you get?

How will you get paid? What kind of email messages do you process when you become an email processor? How will you be processing emails?

* You will not get paid for each email you sent out. You only get paid when you sell the same email processing scam to someone else.

* You will get an information kit with instructions to send the same ad to others and ask them to send you a fee. You can send that ad by email or newsletters or post ads in newsgroups and Web forums.

* When someone clicks on your advertisement and buys the email processing information from you, they (the buyer – not the company) will pay you through Paypal. Upon payment, you will receive an email from Paypal with the purchase information that will indicate what product your buyer purchased. You will look up the reply you need to send for the product purchase in your training materials. You cut and paste that reply into the email and send it to the buyer.

Ask yourself this question: Would a legitimate company pay that kind of money to send emails where you just copy and paste a message into the emails?

Do you think that merchants sit at their computer or have work at home people sit at their computer all day so they can respond instantly to purchases? This is not how it works.

Merchants set up autoresponders to respond to purchases send email messages automatically. When people pay through Paypal or a shopping cart, the process is completely automated. The shopping cart automatically verifies that the credit card or Paypal payment is valid. After payment approval, the system automatically generates a thank you page and an email message. This page can include any information they want and can be different for each product they sell.

This page can provide a link where buyers can automatically download the information, ebook, or software they purchased. It can even include a form asking for your buyer’s name and email address to put them automatically in a database and autoresponder that can send automated follow-up messages.

So, why would those email processing companies pay you to send email messages manually when autoresponders and other software can do this automatically and can do it faster than you can? Why would a company pay you that much for email processing and for copying and pasting messages they can set up and send easily and inexpensively themselves with autoresponders?

The answer? They don’t pay you for sending out messages. They are making money from selling you a worthless training manual.

You expect to get work and get paid for email processing work. Instead, they will instruct you to place ads and spam other people with the same useless information. They make easy money from people like you who are looking to find work from home with their computer.

Ads for email processors are misleading. Don’t fall for the work at home email processing scam! You will be disappointed. You don’t want to make money by spamming others.

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