10 Ways I’ve Done To Increase Page Views To My Business Blog

2009/03/08 at 9:13 am (Article)

1. Well Written and Unique Blog Content

It’s funny how what you’ve been preaching to others about ‘content is king’ comes back in a full circle. Well believe it or not, nothing is more important than writing unique and interesting content on your blog. Anyone can write a post about any topic, but to present it in a well written good unique writing style takes some effort, practice and skill to get the job done nicely.

2. Use keywords On Your Blog Post

Keyword ranking or keywording is one of the best ways to get more page views on your blog. Write contents with your keywords you are ranking in the search engines. It takes both practice and skill to master the art of keywording but over time, will help increase page views enroute to gaining top search engine ranking.

3. Favorite Posts

Put your favorite blog post links on your blog homepage. If your blog theme does not show them, there a many WordPress plugins which can do this. It’s a good way to showcase some of your best work to make an impression.

4. Related Posts

Install a WordPress plugin for ‘Related Posts’ which will show some of your older posts relevant to the post you’ve just published.  That’s a sure way of keeping the visitor much longer on your blog and at the same time providing the information he has searched for.

5. Make It Simple and Easy To read

Make your blog simple to read. So this means your font size you used and the color combination used on your blog play an important aspect of attracting more visitors and ultimately increasing your page views. It’s good to use bullet points, bold text and short paragraphs on your posts as they help to present quick summaries that your readers can understand what you are trying to say.

6. Use Headers On Posts

The proper use of headers including h1, h2 helps to convey the key points of your post. Very often your visitors just skimp through your post to find something interesting. They read your headers to determine  what your post is all about and if it’s interesting enough to read more. Here is a post I came across on the use of headers, which shows just how much you may be missing if you don’t use headers. As an added SEO advantage, search engines love headers too as they tell exactly what kind of content to expect.

7. Change your WordPress Blog Theme

Changing your blog theme can help to increase your page views on your blog sometimes quite drastically depending on the circumstances. Wouldn’t you like to wow your visitors to your blog with an impressive blog theme with good header or logo?  Or is it enough just with good contents on your blog?  While good content as mentioned is important, the visual impact instantly gives that added edge and projects a good image to your first time visitors. After all first impression lasts forever.

8. Include Deep Links On Every Post

Try to include deep links on every post you write. These are internal links to your older posts which are relevant to your post. For someone who is keen in your topic or if your topic provides the information your visitor is searching for, you can be sure that he will want to read it.

9. Optimize your images

You may have noticed I like to put up a picture on each of my posts. Apart from enhancing the look of this blog, more importantly it’s also to give a little boost to SEO on this blog and getting some traffic and more page views too. Ask.com reports that 25% of searches actually queried are not of web pages but images. But needless to say, your images must be optimized with your keywords you are ranking for in search engines.

10. Write About Current Events

You can be sure that when you write about current events, many people are going to be interested in what you’ve got to say, especially those that affect them. The key is not just write the news event, but rather write the event and relate to a specific goal, or objective of your blog or a lesson to learn for your home business.

Final Thoughts

As a blogger, your job is actually to make sure your blog becomes the best blog there is on this blogosphere. Getting traffic and top search engine ranking are top priorities but you simply can’t make this happen without taking the first step – increasing your page views.

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